Rack Pack Specifications

3 rack unit (3RU) electrical enclosure for 35 mm DIN rail mounting modules in 19" equipment racks and cabinets.

For DC Distribution, Protection, Control and Monitoring.

Rack Pack Frames, MRP 103, are constructed of powder coated steel frame with aluminium facia.


437 mm (17.2") wide, 132 mm (5.25") high and 109 mm (4.3") deep.

Rack Pack Frames are fitted with anodised aluminium 3 RU mounting brackets for 19" equipment racks and cabinets, with anodised or polycarbonate front covers secured using quarter turn quick release fasteners. (oddie studs)

Access holes, 35 mm (1.375"), are provided in one half of each end, leaving space for user to provide other arrangements, and fitted with PVC "universal plugs" the aperture of which adjusts as cables are added minimising dust ingress.

Rack Pack frames are fitted with a 35 mm DIN rail for the clip-on mounting of modules, the DIN rail depth can be workshop adjusted for deeper modules such as PLC's.

Example of DIN rail mounted modules available:

MRP 103 D3 RE 25mm.
Standard 3RU Rack Pack with 3 brass buss bars, two of which are 12pole (12 tunnels) single screws and one of which is 12 pole with a double row of screws, each with ΒΌ" bolts. Rear entry via 396mm strip brush with 25mm slot between upper and lower dustcovers, and rear mounted lacing bar.


Bus bars, terminal blocks i.e.. compression clamp, spring and insulation displacement ADO, thermocouple terminal blocks, terminal to DB25 connector blocks. Earthing connectors.


Miniature circuit breakers (MCB's), MCB locking device, fuses, RCD/ELCB's, optocouplers, surge diverters (with aux contacts), line filters, spark gap arrestors, induction coils


PLC's, impulse switches/latching relays, digital time switches, contactors, power supplies, relay sets, logic converters, soft starters, I/O devices including infra-red receivers, remote control, radio receivers and wind strength set, programmable thermostat, programmable light sensitive switch


MCB auxiliary contacts, indicator lamps, hour meters, voltmeters, ammeters, frequency/phase meters, kW hour meters, bell/buzzer transformers, measuring and monitoring relays, power monitoring and control.

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